city geomorh 04

Here’s the fourth of four city geomorphs. Yes, there are only 4 tiles in this one. The above image is 72dpi.The below image is 300dpi.

a list of 5e domains

I was goofing around with adapting some D&D deities from various sources (Forgotten Realms, Greek Mythology, some homebrew stuff, and various others) for the game I’m running and got to wondering what godly domains I could be using for them. This led me down the rabbit hole of trying to find a comprehensive list of…

city geomorph 03

This is the third of four sets of city geomorphs. This one includes 3 edge tiles: north, west, and south. The image above is 72dpi.The image below is 300dpi.

city geomorph 02

The second of a set of 4 city geomorphs. This one includes 2 corner tiles (north east, and south east), and 2 edge tiles (west, and east). The image above is 72dpi.The image below is 300dpi.

finished reading players handbook

So I finished reading the Players Handbook and I’m quite excited about the idea of running a 5th edition game. I nearly wept tears of joy when I saw that Wizards no longer had 1d4 for their hit points. The one thing I’m missing now is a game to play in. I’m running a game…

city geomorph 01

I realised that the first few images I posted here were WAY too big. No more using the default export settings. These images are the same pixel sizes (72dpi and 300dpi) as the last lot, but exported a jpeg with more compressions for much smaller files. Here we have the first of a small series…