temple of the snake cultists

In an overgrown swamp lies an abandoned temple some snake cultists had been using. Why they left is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they fell on hard times. Perhaps they lost the fight with mother nature. What is for sure is that nobody lives here anymore and most of the temple buildings are steadily being reclaimed by the swamp.

The main temple building is faring better than the rest by virtue of the fact it had originally been build on a raised foundation. But the four small priest quarters have sunk about 1 foot into the swamp and the doors are swollen shut. A slightly larger communal living area for the acolytes is in no better condition with water over the floor and the cots rotting away.

Behind the altar in the above ground section of the temple, a stair leads down into the underground portion of the temple.

Although the paper I’m using has 5mm dots for the grid, I experimented with hand drawing the grid lines on this one. I’ve seen it done well on other peoples maps and thought I’d give it a try. I don’t mind how it looks, but I think I need to use an even finer pen. I went back and redid all the room outlines in a heaver pen because there wasn’t enough contrast.

Where was I?

Underground; parts of the temple have sunk so that now everything south of the stairs is underwater starting at about 6 inches of water at the stairs, and going to about 2 feet deep at the southmost end.

There’s plenty of traps around here, as the cultists were keen on traps and poison. So most of the traps involve poison spikes and darts. At the “head” of the snake is another altar.

The images above are 72dpi.
The images below are 300dpi.