wizards tower

This old watchtower is leftover from the Golden Empire. It was once a watchtower on the border, but in the many years since the collapse of the empire, it was abandoned to the wilderness. In spite of its age, this structure is in remarkably good shape and still habitable and is currently the abode of a wizard engaged in private study.

Level 1

Room 1

A large, relatively empty area. Small (5′ by 5′) cells line the east wall.

Room 2

Store Room.

General supplies in here. Extra empty bottles, spares clothes, bedding etc. Some weapons taken from past prisoners kept in here as well.

  • 2 battle axes
  • 2 daggers
  • 1 Longsword
  • 1 set chain mail armour
  • 1 set leather armour
  • Kree’s Spear will be in this room.

Room 3

Another Store Room.

Food and wine stored here.

  • 5 dozen bottle of average quality wine
  • 2 dozen bottles of above average quality wine
  • 1 dozen bottles of some very nice wine
  • 1 dozen portions of perishable rations
  • 1 dozen portions of iron rations
  • An assortment of dried mushrooms

2 cured hams hanging from the ceiling.

Level 2

Living Quarters.

Room 4


Nothing much to say about this one. It’s a hallway. 1 door and 2 stairs, one going up, one going down.

Room 5


At the end of the room is a desk. Stacks of paper and some quill pens lie about and 2 bottles of ink. Notes written in draconic outline experiments in the use of magical items to power constructs.

Room 6


Spare wizard robes and casual clothes. Nothing special.

Room 7


A reasonably sparse bedroom with a large bed.

Room 8


Spare robes.

This is where the wizard stores his formal wizards wear. These robes are cut from better cloth, literally. Nice silk and satin robes.

Level 3

Room 9

The whole 3rd floor is taken up by the wizards’ lab. Three large work tables contain various magical and alchemical apparatus. There is a ladder that leads up to a trapdoor in the ceiling. A magic circle is engraved in the floor near the middle of the room.

Level 4

Room 10

The roof is accessible via a trap door. It leads into a covered section of the roof (probably used in ages past as shelter for any guards on duty). There is a great view from up here, but nothing else of any interest.