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  • blade of the pact keeper

    blade of the pact keeper

    The steel of this sword has been blued so that it reflects little light. It appears to be a plain sword, but close inspection shows that it is not tarnished in any way, and the keen edge seems to cry out for blood. Don’t be the fool who tests its edge with your finger. It will cut…

  • seriously cool shades

    seriously cool shades

    These are some very cool shades. Full stats for this item can be found on my GMBinder page.

  • necklace of the eight lords

    necklace of the eight lords

    There is a legend that eight great masters from eight monasteries came together to overthrow a mighty evil. Each fought in a distinctly different style, but their total strength was far greater than the sum of their individual schools, and so they won the day. For many years after, they remained close allies, until their…

  • seed bombs

    seed bombs

    Seed Bombs appear to be small round balls of clay about the size of a golf ball. The surface is hard and has been polished somewhat and has a pattern pressed into the surface suggesting the kind of bomb that it is. Nicely formatted version of this on GM Binder.

  • distracting blade

    The amazing polish on the surface of this knife will reflect any available light into the eyes of the attacker, blinding them momentarily. This is another one I’ve posted on GM Binder. This is also my 4th post this weekend. I don’t normally like to post so frequently and usually schedule posts to space them…

  • annoying beetle

    annoying beetle

    This clockwork beetle starts curled up into a little ball the size of a walnut. It can be thrown as a ranged attack and when it hits a target, will spring to life, flying into the face of it’s target while making a loud buzzing noise, distracting the target. The printable version of this is…

  • Deck of Wonders

    Deck of Wonders

    I’ve been playing around with an idea for a kind of mini card game within D&D. I want to use normal playing cards with poker hands to generate magical effects; the better the hand, the better the effect. I played around with various ways of generating a score from a poker hand that could be…

  • spear of kree

    spear of kree

    The dreaded Spear of Kree! In the forest lies the ruins of an Orc temple once sacred to Gruumsh.The three teachings of Gruumsh are: Gather and breed, and your numbers shall flourish. Rise up in hordes and seize that which is rightfully yours. Raid. Kill. Conquer. The sect of Gruumsh followers at the temple called…

  • faithful chest

    faithful chest

    This one is inspired by The Luggage from Diskworld and is part Mimic and part Bag of Holding. It’s a small chest, 12 inches long by 7 inches wide and 5 inches high (not including the lid). When open, the inside is an extra dimensional space which can hold a lot more than the exterior…

  • a knife in the dark

    a knife in the dark

    One use I have for this site is to post/host images so I can use them on the GM Binder site. If you need an image for that site, it has to be hosted somewhere publicly available on the net, so I’m posting here.