Stuff for Table Top Role Playing Games

  • blade of the pact keeper

    blade of the pact keeper

    The steel of this sword has been blued so that it reflects little light. It appears to be a plain sword, but close inspection shows that it is not tarnished in any way, and the keen edge seems to cry out for blood. Don’t be the fool who tests its edge with your finger. It will cut…

  • seriously cool shades

    seriously cool shades

    These are some very cool shades. Full stats for this item can be found on my GMBinder page.

  • necklace of the eight lords

    necklace of the eight lords

    There is a legend that eight great masters from eight monasteries came together to overthrow a mighty evil. Each fought in a distinctly different style, but their total strength was far greater than the sum of their individual schools, and so they won the day. For many years after, they remained close allies, until their…

  • pickle dragon

    pickle dragon

    The Pickle Dragon looks a bit like a combination between a domestic dog and a crocodile, but with fewer teeth. They smell vaguely of vinegar and dill. They’ll eat anything pickled, and love cucumbers above all. They are primarily herbivorous but have been known to eat pickled meats like corned beef, picked tongue, or pickled…

  • Room of Doom, Version 3

    Room of Doom, Version 3

    This is the third of three versions of this room. The whole room is a gigantic ancient mimic. The chest is to lure hapless adventurers into the room at which point the “door”, which is its mouth, will close and the mimic will proceed with digest anyone inside it. Mimic (Ancient) Huge monstrosity (shape changer),…

  • Room of Doom, Version 2

    Room of Doom, Version 2

    This is the second of three versions of this room. The chest is, in fact, a mimic and will hungrily attempt to devour any adventurer that gets close enough. Mimic (Mature) Medium monstrosity (shape changer), neutral Armor Class 12 (natural Armour) Hit Points 58 (9d8 + 18) Speed 15ft. STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA…

  • Room of Doom, Version 1

    Room of Doom, Version 1

    I’m planning to inflict this room on my players 3 times over the course of them gaining several levels. The room will look identical each time, but be subtly different. This is the first version of the room. The platform is, in fact, a pressure plate and any change in weight on the platform will…

  • seed bombs

    seed bombs

    Seed Bombs appear to be small round balls of clay about the size of a golf ball. The surface is hard and has been polished somewhat and has a pattern pressed into the surface suggesting the kind of bomb that it is. Nicely formatted version of this on GM Binder.

  • distracting blade

    The amazing polish on the surface of this knife will reflect any available light into the eyes of the attacker, blinding them momentarily. This is another one I’ve posted on GM Binder. This is also my 4th post this weekend. I don’t normally like to post so frequently and usually schedule posts to space them…

  • annoying beetle

    annoying beetle

    This clockwork beetle starts curled up into a little ball the size of a walnut. It can be thrown as a ranged attack and when it hits a target, will spring to life, flying into the face of it’s target while making a loud buzzing noise, distracting the target. The printable version of this is…