I’ve been wondering how to go about recovering some of my costs on all this stuff I’m publishing. I love sharing this stuff, but it still costs me money to pay for hosting and domain registration and it would be great to cover some of those costs.

Patreon seems to be very popular for this sort of thing, and all the map makers and content generators I admire and follow all seem to have active Patreon sites, but I know that I’m not good at sticking to a regular publishing routine. Time and I just don’t see eye to eye and a month can easily go by and I haven’t published anything, so the Patreon model doesn’t work for me. I just can’t guarantee that I’ll have monthly content to share with backers.

I’ve looked around and found this Ko-fi site that is more like a donation system with no obligation to sign up for ongoing payments. If you like what I’ve been doing, just go and make a one time donation. If you continue to like my work, make another donation. The amount is fixed by the Ko-fi site, not by me, and is about the cost of 1 cup of coffee ($3AUD when I checked), hence the name. I do like coffee, so this will make me very happy. My 11yo son Hugo helps me come up with some of the ideas and has been doing quite a few of the illustrations, so I might buy him some hot chocolates as well if there’s enough to go around 😉