Category: Adventures

  • Minotaur Lair

    Minotaur Lair

    An underground lair is home to a nasty brute: Kevin the Undead Minotaur!

  • Cult of the Evil Snake Dudes

    Cult of the Evil Snake Dudes

    In a mosquito infested swamp where the Cotton Mouths slither around, there lies an abandoned temple. Nobod

  • Free Material

    Free Material

    Public Service Announcement: Wizards are making a bunch of gaming resources available for free during the COVID-19 lockdown. Have a look at their Free Material site for a heap of modules and stuff. I’ve been using some of this free material to get my sons campaign started before I get into some of my custom…

  • Room of Doom, Version 3

    Room of Doom, Version 3

    This is the third of three versions of this room. The whole room is a gigantic ancient mimic. The chest is to lure hapless adventurers into the room at which point the “door”, which is its mouth, will close and the mimic will proceed with digest anyone inside it. Mimic (Ancient) Huge monstrosity (shape changer),…

  • Room of Doom, Version 2

    Room of Doom, Version 2

    This is the second of three versions of this room. The chest is, in fact, a mimic and will hungrily attempt to devour any adventurer that gets close enough. Mimic (Mature) Medium monstrosity (shape changer), neutral Armor Class 12 (natural Armour) Hit Points 58 (9d8 + 18) Speed 15ft. STR DEX CON INT WIS CHA…

  • Room of Doom, Version 1

    Room of Doom, Version 1

    I’m planning to inflict this room on my players 3 times over the course of them gaining several levels. The room will look identical each time, but be subtly different. This is the first version of the room. The platform is, in fact, a pressure plate and any change in weight on the platform will…

  • wizards tower

    wizards tower

    This old watchtower is leftover from the Golden Empire. It was once a watchtower on the border, but in the many years since the collapse of the empire, it was abandoned to the wilderness. In spite of its age, this structure is in remarkably good shape and still habitable and is currently the abode of…

  • underhill


    What lies beneath the hill.