Minotaur Lair

This underground lair is home to a nasty brute: Kevin the Undead Minotaur! Kevin has been down here a looooong time and died centuries ago and is now a Mummy Minotaur.

A one-shot for 4 level 3 characters.

In the game I was running, I located this dungeon beneath the Onyx Hill Ruins by Dyson Logos, but of course, you can put it anywhere you want.

Note: There are no light sources anywhere in this dungeon except for those the characters bring with them.

Level 1

Level 1 has a large square obsidian column in the middle which slightly tapers towards the top. It is 10 feet wide at the base. The column has an ancient script carved into its surface. If translated, the script tells a tale of ancient battles.

The four Living Statues’ alcoves, two to the north and two to the south come to life as the party enters and start attacking.

There is a pressure plate trap (DC 12 to spot) on the ground as the players enter the room which drops a net on anyone who triggers the trap. Effect as per Net from the PHB equipment.

The spiral stairs at the west end of this level go down to level 2.

Level 2

The obsidian column is larger here, 15 feet across at its’ base. There are more statues here, running down each side of the hall. The statues look exactly like the ones on level 1, but there are 18 of them! Fortunately these just regular normal statues. The real danger here are the 5 Shadow creatures in residence here.

At the East end of this hall is an alter, carved out of the same obsidian as the column. There’s nothing particularly interesting about the alter except for the dark stains on it. Right in front of the alter is an open pit. It’s a 40 foot drop down to the next level but the pit is the only way to get down to the next level.

Level 3

Level 3 is covered by a permanent darkness spell in all areas except for the room in the middle where the base of the pillar is. Lots of bones are scattered on the floors of the various caverns down here.

Kevin The Mummified Minotaur lives (exists?) down here. Between its Blindsight and Labyrinthine Recall, it has no problem with the darkness down here. With nothing better to do, it just wanders the caverns.

Whenever the players enter a new cavern, there is a 1 in 6 chance the Minotaur will be in this room. It isn’t very hospitable and will attack straight away, starting with its charge attack unless the players can somehow get within 10 feet of it before it attacks.

If the Minotaur isn’t encountered by the time the players reach the central room, the Minotaur will be there waiting for them and will start attacking using its’ Dreadful Bellow and then charging them.

The obsidian pillar is quite wide here (20 feet across at the base). There are more inscriptions on the pillar here, telling the tale of XXX. There is a secret door in the pillar which should be relatively hard to find (DC 18). Inside is a stone bench with a small golden bull statue on it. It’s a  figurine of wondrous power, and can become a bull for 8 hours but can’t be used again for 5 days. The bull can be ridden, pull a wagon, and can attack if provoked. See below for stats.

There is also a scattering of coins of different denominations on the bench worth 223gp



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