temple of the snake cultists

In an overgrown swamp lies an abandoned temple some snake cultists had been using. Why they left is anyone’s guess. Perhaps they fell on hard times. Perhaps they lost the fight with mother nature. What is for sure is that nobody lives here anymore and most of the temple buildings are steadily being reclaimed by…

city geomorh 04

Here’s the fourth of four city geomorphs. Yes, there are only 4 tiles in this one. The above image is 72dpi.The below image is 300dpi.

city geomorph 03

This is the third of four sets of city geomorphs. This one includes 3 edge tiles: north, west, and south. The image above is 72dpi.The image below is 300dpi.

city geomorph 02

The second of a set of 4 city geomorphs. This one includes 2 corner tiles (north east, and south east), and 2 edge tiles (west, and east). The image above is 72dpi.The image below is 300dpi.

city geomorph 01

I realised that the first few images I posted here were WAY too big. No more using the default export settings. These images are the same pixel sizes (72dpi and 300dpi) as the last lot, but exported a jpeg with more compressions for much smaller files. Here we have the first of a small series…

simple geomorph

After seeing some brilliant Geomorphs like the ones by Dyson Logos, I thought I’d have a crack at doing some myself. These are drawn on 5mm grid paper (if you look close, you can see the grid dots, it’s not ruled). Each map is 10 by 10 squares. It’s my first set of geomorphs. How…

a small place, underground

I drew this map ages ago, but never posted it until now. It’s a small guardhouse, somewhere underground. Players approach from the west and have two sets of guarded doors to get through, while the guards can harras the players through the arrow slits and the bars. The above image is 72dpi on a 5mm…