finished reading players handbook

So I finished reading the Players Handbook and I’m quite excited about the idea of running a 5th edition game. I nearly wept tears of joy when I saw that Wizards no longer had 1d4 for their hit points.

The one thing I’m missing now is a game to play in. I’m running a game for my son, but I don’t have a game I’m a player in at the moment. The new rules look like fun and I’ve already made up a Warlock character for myself. I normally like to play Rangers or Rogues, but Warlocks look fun in the new rules.

For my sons game, I think I’ll give them the chance to hit the “reset” button on the game. We are currently playing D&D 3.5 edition rules, but in making the switch to 5th edition, I think I’ll let them go crazy and completely redesign their characters if they want. 5th edition really is like a whole new game so it seems silly not to give them the options of trying out all the new stuff.