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  • Bog Golem

    Created from the mud, slime, sticks, and moss of a nearby swamp, the Bog Animata is a Golem-like creature.

  • Minotaur Lair

    Minotaur Lair

    An underground lair is home to a nasty brute: Kevin the Undead Minotaur!

  • Cult of the Evil Snake Dudes

    Cult of the Evil Snake Dudes

    In a mosquito infested swamp where the Cotton Mouths slither around, there lies an abandoned temple. Nobod

  • Beyond


    I’ve been running D&D games for my son and his friends online every week during lockdown for the pandemic and I’m really getting into it.

  • Gaming Workflow & Tools

    Gaming Workflow & Tools

    It’s been about six months since I got back into D&D, running games for my son. I have learned a lot in that time, including how to be a better DM, but that’s a story for another post. I thought I’d take a moment to go back and reflect on an earlier post I made…

  • Eberron: rising

    Eberron: rising

    I just received my copy of Eberron: Rising from the Last War and I’m loving it. I bought a copy of the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide recently and while I appreciate the lore, I felt the book was thin on gameplay content. Sword Coast had some interesting subraces, a few new subclasses, and a few…

  • blade of the pact keeper

    blade of the pact keeper

    The steel of this sword has been blued so that it reflects little light. It appears to be a plain sword, but close inspection shows that it is not tarnished in any way, and the keen edge seems to cry out for blood. Don’t be the fool who tests its edge with your finger. It will cut…

  • seriously cool shades

    seriously cool shades

    These are some very cool shades. Full stats for this item can be found on my GMBinder page.

  • Room of Doom, Version 3

    Room of Doom, Version 3

    This is the third of three versions of this room. The whole room is a gigantic ancient mimic. The chest is to lure hapless adventurers into the room at which point the “door”, which is its mouth, will close and the mimic will proceed with digest anyone inside it. Mimic (Ancient) Huge monstrosity (shape changer),…

  • seed bombs

    seed bombs

    Seed Bombs appear to be small round balls of clay about the size of a golf ball. The surface is hard and has been polished somewhat and has a pattern pressed into the surface suggesting the kind of bomb that it is. Nicely formatted version of this on GM Binder.